Like many people I went through a Mafia Wars phase, but once you get past a certain level it becomes too much work – and you lose the satisfaction you get. Add on the constant drive to earn money (who do they think they are? A business or something?) and I just found it rather frustrating.

That said – the knowledge that they’res a Mafia Wars 2 coming out intrigues me:

“Mafia Wars 2 takes one of our longest running and most successful franchises to a whole new universe, introducing a vast 3D world where being bad never felt so good.”

3D gameplay? Colour me interested!


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  1. Is it another click the same hyper link 5,000 times and we’ll give you a little graphic? I went through a mafia wars phase too, but I finally just wrote a script that clicked the hyper links. I mean nothing ever changed. Everything about the game was click the link.