are reporting on Machinarium, a new adventure game Amanita Design from the developer of the ridiculously famous Samorost games – and I really like the look of them. A big part of the Samorost games is the look of the graphics and the atmosphere they generate, and this game looks like it’s no exception. This time the look is hand drawn, if still abstract, and it has less of a Monty Python style to it.


Amanita was reluctant to reveal too many details at such an early stage, but the game will use a classic point-and-click interface, and share certain similarities with the Samorost games, such as 2D backgrounds and characters, and no spoken words. However, Machinarium will be much longer and more complex in many ways, and this time around, the art will be hand-drawn and players will have a small inventory.

Everyone in Machinarium’s original world is a robot, including the main hero of the game shown in one of the concept drawings below, who must stand against the bad guys from the “Black Cap Brotherhood”.


The release is pencilled in for the second half of 2008.


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