I haven’t played Lost Winds on an iOS device yet – but I will be soon. The Wii version of Lost Winds is fantastic – and I’m told the iPhone version is as good. I assume this is a promotional attempt to raise awareness of the sequel on iOS, which I will likely end up buying if the controls have translated as well as has been suggested to me.

You can get the original Lost Winds here for free, and get the sequel – Lost Winds 2: Winter of Melodias here.

Make sure to grab it quick while it’s still free! 🙂


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  1. I really liked this game definitely a must buy and play. I had it on my wii but never finished the game. I would mostly likely purchase it on my iPad one day. Sure the controllers might be? difficult but you get the hang of it just like any new game. The graphics are awesome. The storyline is very interesting. Kid friendly. Very fantasy world/imaginary game. =]