Wow, I just finished Serious Sam 2 by Croteam. It’s an oldish FPS shooter from 2005 and it’s CRAZY! I loved the original Serious Sam because when it came out most games only ever had a few high-poly enemies on-screen at once. However Serious Sam brought back “Hordes” for more or less the first time since Doom 2 – it threw wave after wave of crazy enemies at you that you could barely fight off with a variety of cool weapons. It was exhilarating. Well Serious Sam 2 does the same thing but better and it’s a blast!

Serious Sam 2 I recently upgraded my ageing 5 year old PC and screen and so I was able to play the game at full frame rate in the highest resolution it supported. It looks great, albeit a tiny bit aged. The first part of the game had a few lame characters and environments (like the tree village) but after I collected all 5 medallion pieces the game got REALLY good. It surprised me with just how many extra levels I had to fight through to get to the end of the game… and the end of the game was just nuts. I took all my wits and knowledge of the game’s weapons and fighting tactics to make it through alive.

Anyway, Serious Sam 2 is highly recommended if you can grab a used copy cheap somewhere…


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