Spong have featured the highlights of John Carmacks presentation at QuakeCon 2006.

The hi lights are below – and you can check out the full list on the original post.

  • id Software will be focusing on gameplay over graphics in their next unannounced title.
  • the next title will be a 3D action title that will be id’s biggest diversion since Wolfenstein.
  • A more advanced version of the megatexture technology will be used in the next title, which includes lots of outdoor areas.
  • id will continue to work on games that its millions of fans enjoy.
  • Quake3 was labelled by Carmack as the “most pure game”.
  • While they will be developing their next game simultaneously on the Xbox 360, their primary development platform is still the PC.
  • id is branching out in a different direction for their new title which they expect to be a blockbuster.
  • Discussed the fun his cell phone game development has been.
  • Has thought about porting cell phone games over to the Nintendo DS.
  • The current mod community is slacking because of the work it takes to make mods with such advanced games.
  • id’s next game has “a lot of people in it”.

There are also some very juicy screenshots of Quake Wars. Apart from Quake 3 I have never been a fan of the Quake games, Quake 4 in particular was very disappointing – but Quake Wars is looking lovely and from what I have heard about the game itself it will be a lot of fun. Here’s hoping!


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