Nitrome are a browser based game developer from London, England. They have made a name for themselves by creating distinctive pixel art styled browser based games with lots of quirky ideas.

And they have recently released Touchy – an app for iOS and Android.

Touchy is an app that lets you control the browser based games using your mobile device – turning your phone into a game controller – and turning your computer into a console.

There’s a video below of this in action.

I’d heard about this before, and tried out some similar services, but this looks like a really nice implementation. The custom controllers for each game are great and the designs fit the brand nicely. The fact the games can make use of the touch screen and the gyroscope open up a lot of possibilities for the team at Nitrome – and the fact you can play multiplayer games is icing on the cake.

There’s an interview with Nitrome all about Touchy over at Mochiland – if you’re interested in this sort of thing then it’s well worth checking out.


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