Braid PC Trailer

Braid is finally coming to the PC, so those of us without an Xbox 360 (or without XBox points 🙂 ) can get it. More importantly, it brings the game to a wider audience which can only be a good thing after all the talk about it during the development.

Zeno Clash: Meet the Corwids

Two weeks to go until the release of Zeno Clash so a new trailer has been released showing some gameplay and a roster of the key characters.

Night Game – Role Around

Night Game is a new game coming out for the Nintendo Wii. It’s a simple physics based platform style affair which, based upon the video below, shows a lot of creativity.


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  1. What an interesting array of indie games… they all have such an unusual fantasy “feel” to them. I love it! I’ll have to check them out.

    Night Game especially is eerily reminiscent of certain Knytt Stories stories.