I’ve not been very up to date with games recently, but there have been some really fantastic indie games posted mentioned in the blogo-verse so I thought I’d do a catch-up post.

Walkie Tonky

Walkie Tonky is a physics filled action game where players control a giant robot guiding it around a city, smashing buildings, vehicles, and destroying all the tanks and planes the human race chucks at them.


Snapshot is a puzzling platform game. The game involves taking photos of elements of the game world and then placing them in other places to alter the level in order for you to be able to proceed. The video actually reminds me a bit of I wish I were the Moon. Hopefully the photo taking mechanic can be used to make the game as interesting as it could be.


Caster is an action game about empowerment. Sprint around vast landscapes casting powerful spells.


Owlboy is a gorgeous looking platform game by D-pad studios. To be honest I don’t think the gameplay looks like my cup of tea but the graphics are so well done I had to include it.


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