Last Friday I went to visit Grubby Games, makers of MyTribe (a very successful sim game) and Incredibots (an online physics-based construction game). I work pretty close to them and I’ve got to know them since moving to Vancouver so it made sense to pop in for a little visit (they checked out our Big Fish Games studio recently too). We discussed the industry and what they are making next (wish I could tell you but I forgot to ask their permission!) and then we went for lunch.

incredibotsAnyway, I hadn’t tried Incredibots out before, but I’d heard about it. So that night I went home and played it with my boys. It’s pretty neat, they were laughing their heads off. It’s got loads of options and you can make some complex stuff with it. I recommend taking a look.

FantasticContraptionThen today I played Fantastic Contraption, which I’m sure many of you have played already. In contrast to Increditbots, this was simpler to get into but more limited in scope. Still it was great fun. Again, recommended.

I still haven’t got round to playing World of Goo yet, how crap is that?! Must play it soon.


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