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Half-Life: Origins (Live Action)

What would the intro to the original Half-Life game, look like if it was turned into a movie trailer? Something like this I reckon.

Apart from a few instances the effects work really well, and this looks like it was a lot of fun to make. It also doesn't have the stereotypical cheese factor that a lot of Hollywood Video Game movies have.

Interestingly the director, Brian Curtin, has this to say about the video (found on the Youtube video notes):

After 10+ years since it's release, if you ever go back and replay the original Half-Life, it doesn't look anything like you remember. The graphics are horrible compared to present day games, but years ago it blew my mind. This video plays with that contrast. I incorporated a fusion of live action and CG environments that give it a semi-realistic look, but also not realistic at the same time. Hope you enjoy it!

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