I spent many (well… three or four) happy evenings working through the coop version of Gears of War with my brother. We both really enjoyed it and would rush home from work to continue from where we had left the night before. There were a number of interesting ideas in the game, such as being forced to part or to work together in different ways. There were also some very memorable and cinematic parts which make me eager to play the new game… of which the first trailer was posted yesterday.

The video/ trailer seems to be more of a tech demo than a real gameplay demo. Yes there’s some game in there, but there’s also a lot of cool stuff going on that shows off the potential of the game.

The stand out parts for me are the huge amount of enemies running around (albeit with no noticeable intelligence), the massive beasties, and the bit where Pheonix (or whoever) grabs a grunt to use as a “human” shield.


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