I’m sure most gamers have been busy this week, either with Mario Kart, Wii Fit or that other game… you know, the one with the guns and hookers?

I’m sure I found more interesting stuff that this but obviously I didn’t save them so they can’t have been that good 🙁 Have a good bank holiday weekend.

  • A Brief Chat With Eskil Steenberg developer of a gorgeous up and coming mmorpg title Love.
  • Jack Thompson Reaches Out To Take-Two Exec’s Mother. There had to be a GTA reference in here somewhere right? Jack Thompson has gone and written a letter to the lawyer of the mother of one of the Take Two executives. In it he condems the son, linking him with the Hitler youth and saying he is to blame for a series of killings. To make matters worse he brings the bible, one of the most violent books of all time and the reason for many deaths, into the argument.

  • Majesco Actually Impressed With Wii Online Capabilities
    . The Wii version of Blast Works (subtitled “Build, Fuse & Destroy”) is going to feature online components such as sharing user generated levels and, best of all, there will be no annoying friends codes to contend with
  • Design Lesson 101 – Grand Theft Auto III – a few things game designers can learn from games, this time using GTA III as a case study
  • Wii hard drive? Finally Nintendo are seeing sense. Personally this isn’t an issue, but with WiiWare coming I think it could be in the future. If it was me I’d simply update the Wii Operating System so that it can intelligently use any SD cards that are placed in the available SD slots. This would easily extend the Wii’s harddrive space and require no new purchases for the people that need the facility.


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