A second week of interesting links for you to check out. This time there is a trend towards game development so it may not be for you.

  • What They Play is a new website to help educate parents about what their offspring are getting up to with the videogames they are playing. I have long beleived that educating parents is more important than crazy legislation banning games from sale and this is a step in the right direction – although I wonder if it end up going unnoticed by the general population.
  • 2d Boy have an interesting post on how they beta test their games. To tell the truth the process is pretty close to my method – although I suspect they are more thorough 🙂
  • YoYo games first game competition – for the GameMaker developers – has recently gotten underway. There’s a $1000 up for grabs for the winning entry.
  • There’s an interview with the developer of Noitu Love 2 over on Gamasutra. Some interesting info for anyone into indie games.


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