Goldeneye 2d is a single level game created in GameMaker 7 (hence the tiny window size) dressed up to look like a GameBoy game, and it’s pretty good fun. Controls are the arrow keys with z to jump and x to shoot and these combine to make a nice little run and gun platforming game.

GoldenEye 2D is a GameBoy-style remake of the excellent GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64. Take control of the man with the black tuxedo, James Bond, and, well, shoot stuff!


It all takes place in the first level of the highly rated Goldeneye game for the N64 – however unlike the N64 classic it adds a couple of bosses to the first level, and you have a selection of weapons (I don’t remember how many were in the first level of Goldeneye?).

Anyway it’s small, it’s fun, and it’s free, so check it out.

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