I finally checked out Puzzle Quest today and I LOVE it! I’ve programmed four match-3 games and so I normally check out most of the other match-3 games on the market for “research” – but for some reason it took me a while to get round to Puzzle Quest (for PC).

PuzzleQuest1Puzzle Quest is a role playing game where you have a character that has to go on various quests and fight various monsters and use armour and spells etc. All pretty standard stuff except that the fights are entirely controlled by a match-3 game! You match skulls to attack your enemies, match coloured gems to build up your magic power which can be used to fire off various spells at your opponent, and you also match gold and experience points. The other big twist is that THE ENEMY is playing the same match-3 game as you! You take it in turns to play and there is an incredible amount of strategy going on. All of that is tied into a quest, upgrading your character, a map screen, armour and magic items, building a castle(!), recruiting party members etc. in such a seamless way that it makes for a hugely in-depth game for a “casual” title – and a super-addictive one too.

PuzzleQuest2I started playing it and the first hour demo just whizzed passed and it was an “no-brainer” to buy the full version. Then I just got totally addicted to playing it tonight and had to force myself to stop playing “just one more mission”. I’ll probably see it playing in my mind when I close my eyes in bed, like Tetris (and some have said Fairway Solitaire).

I strongly urge you to try out this game if you like RPGs and casual games.


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