Felicia Day, she of Buffy and The Guild fame, was caught playing with Microsofts new Project Natal tech during E3 2009.

For those who missed it, Project Natal is a technology designed to allow you to play games without a controller. Taking cues from the Wii it removes control systems relying on watching the user move controlling the games based upon their motions.

Thankfully Felicia has managed to confirm, what we had all wondered. Yes, you will look like a bit of a fool flailing around trying to use the system.

Whilst I think this is quite a cool idea, I also think it will only work in certain situations. Microsoft claim it will work on all games but I don’t see that myself. In some situations I can see it being quite an enjoyable alternative, but there will always be people who think it’s daft and there will always be times when the extra control of a traditional controller is required.


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