You wouldn’t know it from watching the demo or browsing all the delicious screenies below but Fairytale Fights, a hack-in-slash platforming fighter, is powered by the Unreal Engine; YES the same one turning the Gears of War. It was an easy game to miss at this year’s E3 but as I was picking thru a bin of free rubber bouncy balls (don’t ask) I overheard someone mention Little Red Riding Hood running around decapitating baddies. That was enough to peek my interest and low and behold, Fairytale Fights is now on my list of MUST-HAVES. It’s pretty platform friendly too since it hits nearly every console and PC later this year.

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  1. looks interestingly enough for me. You can put it on my games list to buy. AC2 still get top priority to the end of 2009 year. Cool 😉