I can’t stand games that use numbers in their name. It’s a personal bug bear of mine. I’m sure the developers think it’s a great idea but it’s hard to type and it can’t be said. I assume in this case the games name should be pronounced ‘Elemental‘ but I shall be calling it Elementfourl.

Stupid name aside, I think Elemtfourl looks really, really good. The game has beautiful arty graphics and some lovely tranquil music.

I-Illusions, the games developers, claim that Element4l “takes a different, experimental approach to classic platform games and challenges you to rearrange your reflexes.” Players must complete a series of physics-driven puzzles while contending with fluctuating controls and rapidly shifting environments.

Release platforms for Element4l are yet to be determined, and a release date has not been announced. You can keep up to date on the Elementfourl official website.


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