Puppygames have just released their latest retro actionfest: Droid Assault for PC, Mac and Linux. It’s a top down multi-directional 2D shooter which is a cross between Paradroid (one of my all-time favourite C64 games) and Robotron 2084.

Droid AssaultYour mission is to “neutralise” all the crazy robots in Omni-corp’s factory. You start off controlling a small underpowered robot that doesn’t even have a gun. As soon as you can, you “transfer” your control to a better equipped robot and start blasting! Transferring to other robots is a key part of the gameplay because it allows you to upgrade to bigger and nastier hunks of metal. The robot that you were previously in control of still remains “friendly” towards you and will help you to clean out the level. You end up with a small rag-tag squad of droids on your side that you must constantly replenish with new ones as the old ones get wiped out.

Droid AssaultThe action starts of nice and easy to get you into the game concepts but then soon ramps up and includes powerups, destructible scenery, gun turrets and boss fights etc. Graphics are well done modernised-retro and so are the sounds. There’s also an online scoreboard to satisfy the competitive streak in you.

Droid AssaultThe demo was great fun and it was a no-brainer impulse buy to get the full version because it’s only $9.95! (That’s like £5 for the British readers). I highly recommend that you check out the demo ASAP. Enjoy!

It’s also worth mentioning some other games by Puppygames (well Shaven Puppy Ltd. to give them their proper (strange) name):

Titan Attacks is a retro space invaders/galaxians clone with lots of extras. It’s unique feel and style sets it apart from other games of this genre so I highly recommend it. It’s also available for PC, Mac and Linux.

Ultratron is like a super-upgraded version of Robotron with a lush modern-retro feel. You move the robot with WASD and you shoot in any direction with the cursor keys – at first it feels odd but you soon get used to it (in fact it’s the same sort of control system that is used for all those Geometry Wars type games). The action is fast and furious, and addictive. Try it out. (oh yeah, it’s available for PC, Mac and Linux too!)


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  1. Yes! I’ve got to no. 10 on the online high scores, level 44. Boy it sure gets tough around there, and there’s 60 levels, so the next 16 must be crazy!

  2. 50 levels not 60! And yes it does get crazier and crazier. After level 50 the game really does try to kill you. And the little bots start disappearing…

  3. Ah I thought it was 50 levels, but I got confused when some liar put lev 60 on the online high scores. I guess he played another 10 past level 50 (it wraps back to the start does it?)

  4. Yes, it wraps round back to level 1. But instead of the maximum bot # being increased now, it increases the minimum bot # each level. (A level is composed of a linear spread of bots from the G101 through to the maximum bot #). This means eventually by about level 100, every bot on the level will be a K999. Apart from surprises that pop out of crates of course.

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