Crayon is a physics based 2d puzzle game. In it you have to draw square boxes with your crayons, and use them to push your red ball to the yellow star.

Crayon is actually the most recent of Petri Puhro’s “game in 5 days” experiments and, considering how quickly it was made, it’s turned out very nicely indeed.

The game has a lovely childish feel to it with the bold colours and simple visuals working really well together – big fan of the look of the game.

crayon shot 02I only really have two issues with the game. Firstly it’s really short, and secondly the physics aspect got lost because I was able to complete most of the levels by simply building ramps and bridges out of the boxes. This could be fixed with more creative and interactive levels, and is in itself not a huge problem considering the game was written in 5 days. Given a few more weeks tidying up it could be very nice indeed.

In fact Petri has already said that the feedback he has received has been great so he is going to tidy up and release a level editor so others can do some work on the game as well.


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  1. wondered when someone would post this 😉 I once made a gmae like this on the C64 when I was 10 believe it or not, although there wasn’t much physics, just ramps and ball rolling.

  2. You could have posted it too 🙂

    I really like the idea and have been trying to think about how I could make a physics based game for a while now. I think this has a lot of potential but isn’t quite there.

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  4. Thanks for blogging the game.

    I have to say that I agree with Ben. It has a lot of potential, but there are quite a lot of gameplay issues to figure out. If you don’t limit the way the player can draw objects (which I think shouldn’t be limited) what should happen when the player draws something around a physical object. Or inside another one.

  5. Hey Petri – nice to see you pop over here. I think the game is a great start and would love to see it worked on a bit more. I can understand not wanting too though as it would move away from the “game in 5 days” idea.