We’ve all been waiting for it for a very long time now and finally it’s coming. Crayon Physics is due for release on the 7th of January – that’s just 4 days away.

Here’s a recap for those of you who’ve forgotten about it…

  • June 2007, Petri Purho (the games designer, developer, and everything else) released a prototype game, made in 5 days, called Crayon Physics.
  • The prototype got really popular and Petri had an open schedule so decided to start working on proper game based on the prototype.
  • November 2007, Petri released a YouTube trailer of the upcoming Crayon Physics – it became popular and clones of the game started appearing.
  • February 2008, Crayon Physics Deluxe won the Independent Games Festival Grand Prize
  • January 1st 2009, Hudson released an iPhone port based on the game.
  • January 7th 2009

Petri is currently writing a series of posts about the developement of the game. So far there are three and they are…

crayon physics 4 crayon physics 1


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