As more and more companies begin porting their A-list franchises to the iPhone, the little smartphone that could is slowly become a viable gaming platform; at least more so than the Nokia N-gage or Gimondo ever was.

We can now add with Hudson with the recent announcement of Bomberman Touch: Legend of the Mystic Bomb.

A video trailer (embedded below the jump) shows what looks like a transparent, touch-screen d-pad placed over the on-screen action to control Bomberman, sort of like the interface of the earlier iPhone PlayStation emulator. According to Hudson, the game will include “classic Bomberman powerups and original special items” and take advantage of “the unique iPhone / iPod touch interface capabilities of flicking, tapping, and tilting with the built-in accelerometer.”

No word on a multiplayer, but with the iPhone’s Wi-Fi capabilities, a local wireless option is only a few lines of code away.


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