There were quite a few video gaming April Fools this year, and to tell the truth I tried to avoid them… they annoy me, but this one caught my eye and deserves some attention for two reasons – 1, it’s Zelda related, and 2, the sheer amount of effort to create something like this can not have been worth it… but well done for trying!


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  1. quality april fool jokes. It’s legendary.
    they spent three months doing this so realey it was over the top but let’s face it. many, MANY zelda fans got exited about that. Well done IGN.

  2. Totally not even cool!!!! the worst part about it, is i saw it AT a movie theatre, it was in the previews and i was like OH DAMN! i gotta see that movie!!! but its really a joke?? thats soo cruel. -.-.