One of EA’s more popular franchises, Battlefield, is having a change of direction. Like Team Fortress before it, it’s turning away from the realistic gameplay to the more cartoony hyper stylised shoot ’em up. Unlike Team Fortress it’s being simplified for a more casual audience, and even more surprisingly is being released for free as Battlefield Heroes.

Whilst I think it’s great that they are taking risks like this, and I look forward to playing a free version of the game (even if it is ad supported), I am not sure this is the right game to test with. Battlefield already has a fan base who would pay for a decent sequel, and war games are not the most “casual” genre (for those out of the loop, casual tends to mean easy to play for everyone – less hardcore). Personally I would have kept Battlefield as it is and created a new game to try things out with.

Whatever my opinion it’s going to be interesting to see how this one pans out – and like I said – it’s a free game 🙂



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