Big Fish Games has released their latest epic game today: Azada 2, which is actually called Azada: Ancient Magic.

This game has been hotly anticipated since the overwhelming success of the first Azada game, and this one is bound to be a big success. I was lucky enough to see it a couple of months ago when I visited Seattle, and it looked great then, but they’ve been polishing it even more!

Basically you are in a magic library with over 20 magical story books. They often contain familiar sounding tales like The Invisible Man and Treasure Island etc. You must solve the mystery in each story book by examining the gorgeous graphics (each storybook contains multiple pages) to find items that you can use on the backgrounds to progress further – you can even combine together items before using them. It’s a classic point and click adventure game with a hidden object feel and also loads of puzzle mini-games.

Please note that you can only download it today (28th August) if you are a GameClub Member. If not, you can download it tomorrow.

AZ2 screen1 AZ2 screen2


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