Assassins Creeds 3 is going to be coming out this year and it’s a slight change of direction for the series.

The last 3 games have been situated in Italy and so we’ve been able to enjoy crazy accents and Italy based fun, however Ubisoft have now decided it’s time to move on to a new location. The game is now in the American midwest during the civil war.

Unfortunately this means killing English people (and being English this isn’t mu favorite thing) – however I am not going to let something like patriotism get in the way of an enjoyable game so I will definitely have to give this a go.

The innovations this time around seem to be focused on the natural environments. Previously the games were mostly focused on architecture based levels (cities and the like) but now you can sneak through forests and climb over trees. Reminds me a little of Metal Gear Solid 3 with it’s jungle based antics.

For more info (admitedly not much more at the moment) you can check out the official Assassins Creed website.


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