I don’t like to keep reposting other peoples content – but these design tours by Wolfire are too good to pass up.

This time it’s the turn of Aquaria – a game I’ve been meaning to play for sooo long now. One day I’ll write a review for it (I even have a full copy of the game!) but for now it’s sitting on the back burner.

You can read the original post and all the comments over on the Wolfire blog


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  1. Yeah I thought that was spot on. If you recall when the demo came out I wasn’t over enamoured due to some of the very reasons mentioned in that video. It was weird how the designers have put in hidden features that would have made the game more accessible to me (especially the map ones), but never showed me how to use them. Also I agree that the puzzles could be pretty hard. That’s why I said I’d rather have set goals/destinations than this totally open feel as I often didn’t know what to do next.