I know that 50 Cent sells records, and I know he made a game a year or two ago – but beyond that I know nothing about the man. I don’t like his music and I have no interest in the rap scene so this really I should be ignoring this… but I’m not.

On paper this game shouldn’t work – afterall it’s a franchise game cashing in on pop culture, and it’s not even based on a movie or cartoon. Watching it the story doesn’t seem particularly realistic either… but if you replace Fiddy (I beleive that’s what his friends call him) with a space marine, it would almost be Gears of War wouldn’t it?

This trailer looks really, very surprisingly, compelling – obviously it’s been edited to show the highlights but I wouldn’t mind giving 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand a try, if only to see how well it compares to the promotional material.


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