A teaser trailer from Valve showcasing their latest game. Not entirely sure what is going on but they are throwing around the phrase “Cross Gaming”. Based on the screenshot this appears to involve a multiplayer single player game. That is a single player game played by multiple people at the same time… maybe.

So does anyone have any ideas what is going on? More information would be very welcome.


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  1. Valve keeps doing these wonderful things.

    My guess is that it’ll be multiplayer, but each player will have their own objectives not necessarily in conflict with the others.

  2. hmm isn’t “single player game played by multiple people at the same time” basically coop then. But I guess coop with more varied tasks. To be hyonest I used to love Coop games and thought they were awesome on LAN or dial up such as Hexen, Doom, Quake etc but these days nothing much has coop, shame 🙁

  3. I must admit Co’op is the first thing i thought of as well… but there must be some reason for this new naming structure. Seeing as it’s Valve, who seem to like to go for the high concept stuff, I am fairly confident this will at least be interesting 🙂