Sega Rally is back, and you don’t need to unload pound coins into an arcade machine for a fix any more because later this month Sega Rally (Revo) will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PC and Mobile and last night I played the newly released demo on the XBox 360.

The game is very easy to get into and you can just pick up and play and after a couple of races you will be drifting round corners with ease, but do not expect to be taking first place so soon, because you’ll need to master the track deformation feature first.

This feature means that the cars carve up the track leaving grooves in the mud/ dirt/ snow, just as a real car would, and this has an effect on your car’s handling because your wheels react to the newly formed bumps and grooves and when you first encounter it, it can throw you off your racing line.

SEGA Rally Xbox 360 2

SEGA Rally Xbox 360 1To master this you need to keep a good racing line and stick to these grooves created on previous laps as much as possible, even if you fall behind you can use the deformation to gain some ground, but be warned your AI opponents will also use this to their advantage, so it can be quite a challenge to get ahead and stay ahead!

I had already played a preview of Sega Rally last month at Sega HQ using a fancy Logitech steering rig, which was very cool; however I found playing with a controller made the game easier to play.

SEGA Rally Xbox 360 3The game looks amazing, with very bright, lush environments that almost distract you from playing they look so good, the cars get suitably mucky and quickly become covered with whatever the environments throw up at them.

SEGA Rally Xbox 360 4The final version of the game boasts a wide selection of cars, including some classics and game modes which will include; Championship, Time Attack, Quick Race and also a 6 Player Online mode. So lots to do! I for one am very excited at the prospect of Online Multiplayer Sega Rally!

Sega have stayed true to the series and I think fans and newcomers alike will love it and for those who are Sega Rally fans…. Yes, the sound byte is in!

“Game Over… Yeah!”