Judging by his previous posts, Ben will be somewhat jealous as I have just downloaded a playable demo of Mirrors Edge on the PS3. [Editors note: Yes I am jealous…]

Even though the trailers and gameplay videos looked great I wanted to test the gameplay for myself, to see if it was as good as I imagined it could be, and wow, it’s amazing! Once you master the short tutorial, which can be a little frustrating first time round, you will be running and jumping, slipping and sliding, all over the cityscape.

mirrors edge 4

I played through the tutorial and the small portion of a mission they provide for the demo and on the first attempt I was falling, missing jumps and generally getting lost, but the second time around I was almost like Spiderman the way I leapt around the level. The controls are intuitive; one button for jump, one for duck and one for attack. You can use the buttons in combination to perform certain moves, for example L1 R1 L1 in quick succession allows you to run up a wall spin and grab an opposite ledge. You can also press L1 for jump then R2 in mid air for a kick, which is great if you jump and there is an enemy where you’re about to land.

mirrors edge 2

What I like most about this is that when I was being chased I really felt I had to run for my life, the first person view works extremely well in that regard. Levels in the demo are as you have seen in various trailers, crisp visuals, with not too many colours. White buildings, blue skies, red runner-vision items (these are what you need to look out for but not limited to using, when proceeding with your mission). I had some jerky redraw in some areas, but that maybe due to my standard definition tv, or at least I hope so.

This game looks impressive, and it is certainly on my forever growing list of games to purchase.


  1. The demo looks hot, and I’d like to continue doing parkour (as I have for a few years, now), without having to worry about the usual plethora of cuts, scrapes, bruises and soreness.

    I *SO* feel less likely to buy it seeing as how there isn’t a playable demo for the PC.

    Pretty ballsy for a company who’s expecting the end-user to shell out 30-40$USD for a game they can’t even demoplay.

  2. Ant » there is a demo for the Xbox and the PS3 though, and I suspect there will be for the PC eventually (there normally is). I now have it for the 360 and will be writing a review in the next week or so.

  3. Yeah, I know, but considering that the previous didn’t release until, what? Five days prior to release(?), I think there’ll be ALOT of smurfs (i.e. people holding their breath), awaiting the PC release.