I remember a long time ago writing about how I thought the iPhone and iPod Touch were flawed as gaming platforms. I said that they would only be good for the most simple games, and that the lack of tactile feedback would hinder their uptake.

I still hold firm on the tactile feedback thing – but I have clearly been proven wrong.

The one big thing I missed when writing that article is that these devices are with you everywhere. You take your phone with you to school/ work/ day trips. Often to bed. If you want to play a game then what better place to have one than the device you always have in your pocket waiting to be switched on.

As for the games – well touch devices are definitely suited to certain types of game better than others, but I’ve seen all sorts of genres converted to a mobile platform and play just as well as their console sized brothers. The virtual joystick, and the ability to change the interface at any time (on a screen that you are always looking at) gives a lot of flexibility to an otherwise simple device.

In fact, because of my more grown up lifestyle – I now find that I am playing mobile games considerably more than I am console games. They are generally smaller and quicker to get into, and so fit in nicely when travelling or waiting for things to happen. They’re so much more convenient than anything else.

Thankfully there’s still a long way to go before they can rival sitting in front of a wide screen tv playing the latest Zelda game with a Wiimote.

Unfortunately, having recently dropped my iPhone onto a concrete floor I could do with getting a new/ refurbished iPhone to replace it – perhaps using the iPhone 5 deals here. But thankfully it still works so I can get my gaming fix.

There’s loads of awesome games on the iPhone and iPod Touch and I plan to write about them more in the future. In fact I have a few articles written – I just have to add screenshots and whatnot – if only I had more time!Fa├ža download do windows 8, windows 8 para baixardownload windows 8


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  1. Casual gaming has changed a lot of things recently in the mobile space and even the console realm. The Nintendo Wii highlighted how casual gamers and even individuals who never even picked up a controller could be intrigued by gaming experiences and more importantly have a whole lot of fun.

    Smartphones continued this trend and now tablets are taking a strong segment of the hardware market, I can only see this growing in the future.

    It may actually be consoles and computers that take a back seat, which were once the main stay of gamers.

  2. Absolutely – hardcore is becoming more and more casual, or should I say accessible. I’ve found it amazing how many traditional console manufacturers are making games for mobile – and succeeding at it.