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Indie Nintendo Wii game, Pollen Sonata

A small group of of Dutch indie devs are looking for a home on the Nintendo Wii. Their game, Pollen Sonata, looks to be a refreshing breath of creativity. It’s something that fulfills promises made by the Wii-mote, how devs will be forced to reimagine games and to be creative. I’m tired of shooters and WWII clones, aren’t you? Just […]

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FFCCCB first official trailer

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers is the longest title EVER! I had to abbreviate it just to fit it. I hope the epic name is a precusor of things to come. The first official trailer shows off a new art style barely resembling its Gamecube brethren. The characters look more human and less kid like. You’ve got big guns, […]

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Rayman Raving Rabbids invade Wii again

Those Rabbids are back and this time exclusively for Nintendo Wii. Ubisoft announced an all new sequel that focuses more on the Rabbids rather than Rayman which is perfectly fine by me. 60 new mini games drive the narrative which this time involves the Rabbids invading Earth and Rayman disguising himself as one of the bunnies to infiltrate their operations. […]

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Ubisoft working on Beowulf video game

Okay let me start by saying OMG. Now that I have that out of the way I can articulate how excited I am to hear the team behind Ubisoft’s uber cool Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is hard at work on a Beowulf video game. The game follows the upcoming Robert Zemeckis movie with the main stars Angelina Jolie and Anthony […]

simcityDS 01
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SimCity DS screenshots

Here are a gaggle of English screenshots from SimCity DS. There hasn’t been much coverage in non-Japanese speaking countries but it looks like EA is readying this classic game for […]

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Final Fantasy IV gets the DS treatment

Like the fantastic DS version of Final Fantasy III, Square Enix just announced version IV of the franchise is well underway. Forum members over at Gamebrink even managed to get a hold of some screenshots comparing the original NES version to the new 3D’fied DS version. Looks real hot. I want it NOW!

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Happy Tree Friends game for XBLA

If you’re like me and get a kick out of slicing and dicing cute little cuddley animals then REJOICE! Sega just announced a Happy Tree Friends game for Xbox Live Arcade and PC. For the unintiated, Happy Tree Friends is an internet animated series (now a full television show) that revolves around cute forest animals whom often meet their ends […]

Atlantis Sky Patrol
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Atlantis Sky Patrol

Let’s see, if you combine my love for classic arcade shooters, marbles and some good ‘ole fashion puzzler action, you’d get Atlantis Sky Patrol. I’ve must have spent a whole […]