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Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox

When I first heard that Spielberg was working on a exclusive Wii game, epic story and graphics came to mind. Ironically the man of verbose imagery opted for a simpler, casual oriented game called Boom Blox. The idea is simple. You progress thru levels in the form of physics based puzzles. Sometimes you have to blow away structures as quick […]

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Indie Games of GDC ’08

The smaller studios are doing an amazing job pushing creative concepts larger companies could never do. Although there were and still are plenty of indie games being presented at this year’s GDC, these are my favorite 3 so far. Sure we’ve seen and heard of them before but they’re so good, it doesn’t hurt to see more. FEZ, IGF finalist […]

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Deadly Creatures

This upcoming Wii gamed called Deadly Creatures has my skin crawling. From the looks of it, you play the role of an insect fighting in a world full of rivals. The scorpion body slams complete with blood are especially disturbing. Who says the Wii isn’t hardcore? via Kotaku Deadly Creatures Sneak Peak Trailer from Long Tran on Vimeo.

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Soma Bringer for Nintendo DS

Nintendo taking Monolith under its wing is finally coming to fruition with the fantastic looking/playing RPG Soma Bringer. The game supports co-op via wi-fi, and features a ton of weapons. The backgrounds are colorful and beautifully rendered, perfectly complimenting the superb character animations. Sure it ain’t next-gen but this is the Nintendo DS – not known for its graphic prowess. […]



Lair was supposed to be the PS3’s first big AAA title but amidst sour reviews, a poor control scheme, and glitchy frame rates, it became the console’s first big failure. […]

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Screenies

Lookie Lookie, Famitsu has the first images from the upcoming DS title “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days”. That is some title but you know the Japanese always get kookie with their game names. Irregardless (bad English) the game looks very true to its PS2 forebearers. There isn’t much info in the way of gameplay but it looks like Roxas is your […]

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Nodame Cantabile Trailer

It’s sorta like the Wii orchestra game we’ve all been waiting for. Well – I’ve been waiting for. Of course it has that layer of strange, weird, yet alluring Japanese flavor imposed on games that never seem to make it outside the island country. A sad fact since I’m totally amorous of that bear (beaver?) doin his thang with the […]

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Capcom Announces Okami For Wii

Okami was one of the best PS2 games out during the last year of the system’s life before the new generation of consoles appeared. Unfortunately, even glowing reviews from every publication couldn’t save it. The ink block style and calligraphy required to play the game seemed like it was on the wrong system. Fanboys wanted Okami for Wii but shortly […]

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New Power-Ups Revealed in SMG

Super Mario Galaxy is only a month away from release in America and I can honestly say I haven’t wanted a game this badly since my SNES days. Maybe it’s because this is the one game that tugs at nostalgic heartstrings long buried from years of adulthood. The latest video only solidifies that. Some new levels are shown like a […]