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Fairytale Fights

You wouldn’t know it from watching the demo or browsing all the delicious screenies below but Fairytale Fights, a hack-in-slash platforming fighter, is powered by the Unreal Engine; YES the […]

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God of War III, Epic Trailer

The VGA’s (Video Game Awards) showed a brief clip of the third installment of God of War but was no where near the sheer awesomeness of seeing Kratos rip open a couple Greek Gods in this uncut extended trailer. The game promises further graphic enhancements in full HD, complex enemy A.I. and new weapons (hello lionhead brass knuckles!) I’ll shut […]

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Dinosaurs and Jet Packs?

If there were 2 random things I’d like to see in a game, they would be dinosaurs and jet Packs. Well guess what? Flash Bang Studios are working on just that! OOO pinch me now! Not much (barely any) is known at other than you control a cute little Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus if you wanna be accurate) with 2 jet packs […]

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Sony knows a thing or two when it comes to virtual pets (cough: AIbo) but since that pooch was neutered, there’s been a void in my heart. Thank Jebus for EyePet, an upcoming virtual pet baby monkey(?) for the PS3. You do need an Eye Toy camera to get into action but for a Tamagotchi addict like myself, extra peripherals […]

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Bomberman for iPhone

As more and more companies begin porting their A-list franchises to the iPhone, the little smartphone that could is slowly become a viable gaming platform; at least more so than the Nokia N-gage or Gimondo ever was. We can now add with Hudson with the recent announcement of Bomberman Touch: Legend of the Mystic Bomb. A video trailer (embedded below […]

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Novastrike invades PSN

I’ve been extremely busy these past few months but my return to gaming was prompted by several upcoming games on Wii-ware and PSN. Their affordability and instant pick-up-and-play adds great value to someone no longer able to dedicate 20+ hours to one game. The Playstation Network gets Novastrike this week and by the looks of the trailer; not a moment […]

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Tales of Vesperia

Oh snap! Namco just announced a new RPG exclusively for the Xbox360. Tales of Vesperia follows the Tales storyline except this will be the first to go HD. YAY! Hopefully the game will help bolster the 360’s position in Japan. The console is RPG starved – at least RPGs from Japanese developers. No word on when it’ll hit store shelves. […]