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Tony Hawks Downhill Jam – gameplay video

Tony Hawks Downhill Jam on the Wii. I’ve played all of the Tony Hawks games bar the last one. They have been getting more and more tired and less and less interesting to me. I wasn’t interested in Downhill Jam… until I saw this video. It looks like great fun, made considerably better because of the unique Wii controller. I […]

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New Red Steel screenshots

IGN have posted some new screenshots and concept art from red Steel and I must say, I think it looks mighty fine! Lot’s of people have complained about the fact that the Wii is underpowered, but I feel that it’s only really the geeks that care – the average punter, the people the Wii is aimed at, are interested in […]

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Binary Joy and 1 Good Game

Welcome to all the readers. Unfortunately 1goodgame got closed down and Savant, the site’s owner, kindly let me make use of the domain name so here you are. Binary Joy follows similar ideals to 1goodgame in that we only review games that we enjoy. Obviously different people enjoy different games so some clones may pop up from time to […]

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Okami – new gameplay video

I’ve been looking forward to Okami for what seems like forever. To tell the truth I had pretty much forgotten about it then today I spotted a brand new video showing off the gameplay and now I’m all excited again.

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New Wii gameplay footage

The official Nintendo Wii site has been updated with some very nice looking new video footage of games for the system. I feel sorry for the people who had to pretend they were playing the games, in particular the man who was pretending to play Metroid. There really was no need for him to curl up in a ball and […]

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New Splinter Cell Double Agent Movies

Shane at Aeropause has posted a couple of video clips from the new Splinter Cell game Double Agent and it’s looking mighty fine. I really like the Splinter Cell series, it has yet to disappoint, so any new news is good. My favorite parts of these new clips is the new moves. Sam Fisher is now a lot more agile, […]

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The Portal – New First Person Shooter preview

Fun Motion have got the trailer for Valves new game, Portal – and it’s looking mighty fine – amazing even. I’m very excited by this as the gameplay possibilities are endless. The game is actually based on Narbacular Drop (site is currently down – I assume because of all the press this has been getting). You can read an interview […]

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Games ARE Good

With all the bad talk about games (which actually seems to have slowed down recently) it’s nice to see some positive comments about games and the people who play them. Nintendo are working wonders with their brain training games, but now we have something to warm the heart. A bunch of gamers from World of Warcraft have help “Pull Cancer […]

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Final Fantasy III gameplay movie

Final Fantasy III is being remade for the Nintendo DS. They are converting the old 2d graphics into beautiful real time 3d graphics – and it’s looking great! I would say that visually it’s far superior to the 3d elements of the playstation games (that’s ps1 not 2!). 4 color rebellion are linking to a new gameplay video. The video […]

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New Zelda Artwork

I have a collection of about 40 different books detailing the making of movies, cartoons, and video games. I love concept art and seeing the process people go through to create something. So when I found out Nintendo had released a bunch of concept art for the new Zelda game (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) I was overjoyed. I […]

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God of War to be a trilogy!

Number 2 isn’t out yet and already there is talk of a trilogy. David Jaffe, the director of the God of War series, has mentioned on his blog how God of War was always meant to be a series. I CAN tell you that God of War 2 is shaping up very, very nicely. I played a bunch of levels […]

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Shigeru Miyamoto interview

An interesting interview with Shigeru Miyamoto has recently been published in the gaming magazine Level. In the interview Miyamoto talks about games he has started and not finished and comments on his approach to game creation. I’m a bit of a Miyamoto fan with the Zelda series, in particular, being a big favourite of mine.