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Bladeslinger Preview

Looks like Infinity Blade – but with cowboys. Apparently there’s more to it than that – the game isn’t on rails for starters – and there seems to be some sort of magic system – but in general Bladeslinger is a slash ’em up for the iPhone that looks rather tasty. Originally slated for a release early last year, things […]

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Zenform – Pokemon for your iDevice

Zenforms is a Pokemon clone created for the iPhone and iPad. First of all check out the trailer below… To be honest I don’t see much in here that’s different to the original Pokemon – but since Pokemon is awesome that may not be a bad thing. In my opinion the interface looks a bit clunky and over complicated – […]

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‘Cubemen’ Launching Next Week

Cubemen is an interesting looking strategic tower defense game. The graphics are clean, and simple – and it offers a few changes over the standard fare – namely that you can move your towers around – making the combat field a lot more dynamic. Another thing that sounds interesting is the fact that it has a multiplayer mode – that […]

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Game of Thrones RPG – coming soon

I love the Game of Thrones books, and tv series – I have mentioned Game of Thrones on my blog a few times – so it’s great that there is a game being made that’s based upon the tv series. Basing it on the tv series means that the characters you have in mind from the show can come to […]

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Kid Icarus: Uprising, Extended Trailer

I’ve heard mixed comments about Kid Icarus: Uprising. The concept is great, but there seem to be a number of concerns about the control system being confusing. Having watched the trailer below though – I am not sure it matters to me. I want a good chunk of this for myself. The game is full of all sorts of crazy […]

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Utility Vehicle Simulator

Ok – not what I would normally write about here – and to be honest it doesn’t look like it’ll be fun – but it’s just too crazy not to mention! Coming soon, to a bargain bin near you! 🙂

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Mario Party 9

Everyone needs a video gaming guilty pleasure. I must admit I have quite a few, and one of them is Mario Party. The latest game is coming soon to the Nintendo Wii and features a whole host of new updates that make the most of the Wii’s capabilities and Nintendos classic characters. Loaded with stacks of fun minigames, unlockable extras […]

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From Dust Coming to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is fast becoming a full blown games console. Being able to play Angry Birds and Cut the Rope is awesome. However, now we have proper 3d games being ported. Big triple A titles from publishers like Ubisoft. From Dust is the latest game by gaming legend Eric Chahi – the man responsible for the classic game, Out of […]

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Infinity Blade: Dungeons – a Change of Direction

The Infinity Blade series are a group of games for the Apple line of products (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). They are gesture controlled fighting games – swiping to swing your weaponry, and to move around the environment. And they’ve done really well! The swiping gestures really pull you in, making you feel like you’re controlling the action – in […]