Robots are invading! Protect the tree of life in this side-scrolling tower defense brawler by building up defenses or bashing them to bits the old-fashioned way.

Stunning graphics and intense gameplay make Towering Forever one of the more unique flash games online at the moment. Defend the Tree of Life with your robot platforming combat skills, and build and upgrade towers with varying abilities to stop the ever coming onslaught. It’s tough to win but stick with it and maybe you’ll manage…

Control Scheme

  • fire: left mouse
  • jump: up
  • WASD: Alternate Movement
  • Down arrow: Build/upgrade towers
  • movement: arrow


A keen video gamer and web developer I have been making games and designing websites for many years. Binary Joy is the combination of my two passions.

You can also see me on my personal website, Binary Moon, and try my games from my online game store, Binary Sun


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