I’m sure you’ve all played the Labyrinth games, where you have to roll a ball around a board to get the ball into a specific hole? Well Tilt is a 3d webgame made in Flash. It features relatively complex physics to make one of the better tilt style games around.

Tilt takes it’s inspiration from games like Super Monkey Ball and the recent mini game in Wii Fit – simplifying the concept down so that it’s playable in a browser. Considering the game is made in Flash it’s been very well put together and runs very smoothly. The physics too work really well.

What starts off as a simple game – get the ball to the goal – slows gets harder and harder with multiple balls of varying sizes, along with a variety of obstacles being introduced along the way.

Controls are simple – move the mouse to tilt the board – and it’s this simplicity which makes Tilt so appealing.


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