Do you feel lucky today? Drop the coin and find out as you watch it bump around and collect points in this unique mix of Pinball, Pachinko and other casino style games.

Sharing some aspects of Peggle, Lucky Coins is a physics based peg bouncing game. Throw your coins down the screen picking up as many objects as you can to score the highest value possible.


  • Drop the coin with the Mouse button or Ctrl key.
  • Bumpers work just like in a pinball machine. They bounce your coin around and increase your score.
  • Magnets will trap the coin. Hit the Mouse button or Ctrl key to launch the coin again in the indicated direction.
  • Collect pickups to increase your score. Small stars are worth 25 points and large stars 50. Horse shoes, four leaf clovers and lucky sevens are worth 100 points!

Tip: Although hard to accomplish, try to make you coin fall into the highest valued slot at the bottom of the stages


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