GAMMA BROS is a large and beautiful space shooter akin to classic arcade games like Galaga, Gradius and Robotron, but with a modern twist.

The Gamma Brothers spend their days working in a huge space station near Jupiter. No one works harder than Buzz and Zap! What could they possibly be working on? Something very important, no doubt.

The Gamma Brothers also understand the importance of not working. Every day at quitting time they hop into their commuter vehicles for the long, difficult journey back to earth. Every day on their way home they are besieged by ships and creatures of unknown origin. Every day, to and from work, they must survive vicious and clever alien attacks!

It is up to you to guide the Gamma Brothers home. Prepare yourself for the ultimate space commute battle! After all, it’s dinner time on earth, and the Gamma Brothers families won’t be pleased if you don’t get Buzz and Zap home safely.


A keen video gamer and web developer I have been making games and designing websites for many years. Binary Joy is the combination of my two passions.

You can also see me on my personal website, Binary Moon, and try my games from my online game store, Binary Sun