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Game News

God of War 2 : Interview with the developers

God of War 2 – the sequel to God of War (review coming soon) one of the finest action games of this, and possibly any other, generation is due for release in early 2007. Game informer have an interesting interview with Corey Balrog – the games director – covering various things from the tone and feel of the game, the […]

Game News

Starfox Command: New Screenshots

The British Gaming Blog has new screenshots of Starfox Command for the Nintendo DS. The game is looking very promising despite the reservations on the British Gaming Blog about the explosion graphics. Will be interesting to see how playable this game is since I loved the N64 Star fox game but haven’t been so keen on the other ones.

Game News

RPG Maker DS?

More rumours surrounding a Nintendo console. This time it’s being suggested that there may be an RPG creator being developed for the Nintendo DS. You can see the original source of the rumour (with a little more info) over at Go Nintendo. Game creation tools are cool (at least in my mind) and this sort of thing could become very […]

Game News 1

Dragon Shoot ’em ups – loads of free games

The Dragon Shoot ’em Up (Shmup sounds too much like shmuck for me) competition has now ended over at Previously they ran a competition for Horizontal Shoot ’em Ups which was rather successful (possibly due to the wonderful prize sponsorship from sites like “Binary Sun – free games for everyone”. There are a few rather nice shoot ’em ups […]

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Red Steel Dev Blog

Anyone looking forward to the Wii is likely to have heard of Red Steel. It’s going to be the first Ubisoft game on Nintendos new console and features everyones (well… my) dream gaming weapon – a sword I can control. W007 The developers have started a blog over at ign – this is something I wisha lot more devs would […]

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Time Crisis on the Wii?

There are rumours circulating that Time Crisis will be coming to the Nintendo Wii. Namco Bandai has stated they will be releasing three games in relatively soon. One of them is a horse racing game (not so keen on that idea) and a Time Crisis game would be an obvious addition with the Wii-mote being ideally suited to this kind […]

Game News

Warren Spector on game development

There is a fairly interesting interview on game development with Warren Spector over on the Eurogamer site. Various topics are covered from innovation and realism to game control methods. Warren is the man behind the classic game series Deus Ex, System Shock and Thief. I mean, it gets down to what your goals are. If you’re a surgeon, you want […]

Game News

Miniclip wins Webby award

Ok – I’m biased – but has won a Webby award for the people choice website in the gaming category. Not particularly big news, at least for people who don’t work at Miniclip, but I get to go to New York for the awards ceremony so “yay for me”!