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Red steel freehand swordplay

Red Steel, the upcoming first person shooter for the Nintendo Wii, is to have a control scheme rejig which will bring full real time free hand swordplay. I have mentioned Red Steel before and think it is showing a lot of promise. It’s one of a massive selection of AAA games that are to come out on the Wii and […]

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Fleafall now free

Fleafall, a rather interesting indie game, is now free. After a period as a shareware game the author decided to give up on selling it (since it wasn’t making money) and give it away for nothing. It looks cool and is rather more unique compared to the average platform game. I gave it a play and found the tutorial quite […]

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Jayisgames competition – more free stuff!

Jayisgames is a popular online gaming blog – primarily featuring Flash and Shockwave games that can be played in a web browser. Recently Jay (the site’s owner and namesake) started a competition to find a brand new puzzle game in Flash and the results have just come in. First place : Clack Runners Up : Thief and Cyberpunk Honourable mention […]

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Sim City is coming to the DS

Mor DS news (I love my DS) IGN reports that Sim City 3000 is being brought to the Nintendo DS, and Go Nintendo shows us the screenshots (courtesy of a Japanese gaming magazine). The game looks like it’s stepped back a generation in terms of graphics, but it’s sure to make use of the stylus in yet another different way.

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free games

Yesterday CNet have posted a rundown of 10 of the best free PC games available on the web. Now these aren’t Flash games or small browser based games, but proper bona-fide downloadable pc games. And there are some really nice ones in there too. Worth a look if you fancy some free gaming goodness.

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Raid over the river

Nibris are a new developer who, based on what I have seen so far, have the potential to be very big. Raid over the River, their first game for the Nintendo DS, is an homage to a classic shoot ’em up called River Raid. In an interesting move for a game developer Nibris have been posting on the Gamespot forums […]

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Experimental Gameplay – competition

This is kind of old news. I have mentioned it before a couple of times on my personal site, but I figured that since Binary Joy wasn’t around when it first started it was worth talking about the Experimental Gameplay project. The Experimental Gameplay Project began as a student pitched project at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. […]

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Dragon Shoot ’em Up contest winners

I mentioned the Dragon Shoot ’em Up competition before but now the winners have been announced so you can see how all the entries did. The amount of entires is rather disapointing, especially considering how the last competition did, but there are still a couple of nice looking games in there (I’m afraid I can’t comment on the fun factor […]

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More Final Fantasy III DS Videos

Ok, I think I’m becoming a little obsessed. Final Fantasy III is 120 years old (or something equally ridiculous) yet the remake is one of the games I am most looking forward too. I’ve added a rather interesting gameplay video below. The interesting bit is that the game is controlled with the stylus, which is very similar to the new […]

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EA backs the DS

Not entirely “good game” related but EA have officially announced support for the DS. Whilst we all know that EA are known for their derivative formulaic rubbish (ok… it’s not all rubbish – but I’m generalising here) the fact that the biggest publisher in the world has put their weight behind the DS means that smaller companies will be more […]

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John Carmack on id’s Brand New IP

Spong have featured the highlights of John Carmacks presentation at QuakeCon 2006. The hi lights are below – and you can check out the full list on the original post. id Software will be focusing on gameplay over graphics in their next unannounced title. the next title will be a 3D action title that will be id’s biggest diversion since […]

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Contact – new media

Contact is a quirky rpg that is coming out on the Nintendo DS. IT has a unique visual style mixing old school retro pixel graphics with lush detailed pre rendered visuals. They are trying to do something a little bit different, and in my book that’s always a good thing. The game is getting closer to release every day and […]