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Game News 1

Lost Winds for iPhone and iPad is currently Free!

I haven’t played Lost Winds on an iOS device yet – but I will be soon. The Wii version of Lost Winds is fantastic – and I’m told the iPhone version is as good. I assume this is a promotional attempt to raise awareness of the sequel on iOS, which I will likely end up buying if the controls have […]

Game News 2

GameGlobe – Game Creation for All!

Well – I love making games – I even have my own games site (Binary Sun) so I am always interested in checking out new games. So, it’s with great interest that, I saw this new game called GameGlobe. GameGlobe is a collaboration between BigPoint games, and Square Enix. It’s a game creation system where they provide the (amazing) art […]

Game News

Deadlight Gameplay Footage

I hadn’t seen anything about Deadlight before but it’s looking really nice. It’s a side scrolling puzzle adventure game – not dissimilar to Limbo in terms of how it plays – however it’s set in a zombie filled post apocalyptic world. The main gameplay space uses a similar black and white style to Limbo – however the rest of the […]

Game News

Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 is a new entry in the Star Wars video gaming franchise. Based on these videos it’s going to have a much darker, more adult tone – and it looks fantastic. Like an awesome futuristic version of Uncharted! Named for Level 1313, a ruthless criminal underground deep below the surface of the planet of Coruscant, the game puts […]

Game News

Wreck it Ralph

Disney have been beavering away on a new movie recently… and it’s all about video games! When I first heard about the film I wasn’t convinced – and then the first scene in the trailer sold it to me – all the video game references were awesome! With cameos from characters from Street Fighter, Qbert, the Pacman Ghost and likely […]

Game News

Pikmin 3 Trailer

Looking as lovely as ever – Pikmin 3 is a new game coming to the Wii U. I’ve been spending a lot of time growing things in the garden recently – I think this will be a lot of fun to play with my wife who is a keen gardener. Not sure she will like the who ‘Pikmin getting eaten’ […]

Game News

Demo of Amazing New Game Engine from Square Enix

Square Enix showed off their Next-Gen engine at e3 this week. They’re saying that everything we see in this video is running in real time – it’s not a cut scene! It looks absolutely stunning – better than their Final Fantasy movie from about 10 years ago – so I would love to see it for real.

Game News

Tomb Raider: Crossroads trailer

It’s E3 – and that means lots of trailers and gaming news. First up – is a brand new Tomb Raider trailer. I must admit, Tomb Raider is a series I haven’t really played (shocking – I know), but this trailer looks like just the sort of thing that would pull me in. It has the action elements of a […]

Game News

Nimblebits Pocket Planes – First Trailer

They made Tiny Tower – so I am definitely interested. I must admit I have tried other Nimblebit games, and have been underwhelmed – however Pocket Planes inhabits the same world as Tiny Tower – so I hope that it has the same charm, and ease of understanding. No release date yet – but I will certainly be grabbing a […]

Game News

My Little Hero – Zelda for iOS

Zelda – one of the best game series ever, yet all attempts at something similar on the iPhone have been dissapointing. Could My Little Hero be the game to change this? The trailer below seems to suggest so: It looks incredibly similar to the recent Nintendo DS Zelda games, with a rather less angular feeling to the level layouts. I […]

Game News

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – still being developed!

Joy of joys – one of my favorite games of all time – Beyond Good and Evil – is getting a sequel. It was first teased 4 years ago – but some more ‘footage’ has been leaked. Unfortunately it’s just scenery – although there is a glimpse of someone that looks like Jade in one of the shots. Fingers crossed […]

Game News

Turn based iPhone Combat with RAD Soldiers

I think I’ve said it before but I am a big fan of Asynchronous multiplayer games. It lets me play at a time that suits me. RAD Soldiers looks to bring turn based combat to the genre in a very pretty package. Think chess with guns. Looking forward to seeing more of it.