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Arc Squadron – AKA Starfox

Anyone else hanker after some Starfox 64 action? I can’t count the number of times I completed that game. I loved all the floaty robot bosses, the way they evolved and transformed. I loved the environments that changed. I loved the cast of characters. It was great. It wasn’t perfect, but it was really solidly enjoyable. Arc Squadron is a […]


HALO 4: Live Action Trailer

I’ve played through the first couple of HALO games and whilst they were ok they never grabbed me as they seemed to with other people. I know there’s some much more hardcore fans of the series out there, however I saw a shortened version of this trailer on the tv the other day and it was rather cool. I probably […]

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Element4l – Experimental Platformer with a Stupid Name

I can’t stand games that use numbers in their name. It’s a personal bug bear of mine. I’m sure the developers think it’s a great idea but it’s hard to type and it can’t be said. I assume in this case the games name should be pronounced ‘Elemental‘ but I shall be calling it Elementfourl. Stupid name aside, I think […]

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Super Motherload

I played quite a bit of the original Motherload flash game. It’s a surprisingly addictive game. You take control of a small digging vehicle, constantly mining – digging – upgrading – digging, getting deeper and deeper into the earths core. Finding more and more expensive ore to sell, and then spending the money you make on upgrading your digger so […]

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Star Command for iPhone – Gameplay Trailer

Warballoon presents a playthrough of Star Command, a starship management game coming out for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign Star Command is really shining and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays. In this video Jordan and Justin Coombs, two of the creators of the game, give commentary on the game and […]

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Angry Birds Star Wars

You heard right – Angry Birds, Star Wars is coming on November the 8th. It’s going to be epic! Or, more likely, it’s going to be Angry Birds with some Star Wars references. Either way though, Angry Birds is a solid game, and anything with Star Wars in the title has to be at least a little bit awesome. The […]

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Real Life: Portal Automated Turret

Weta Workshop, the company who worked on the special effects for Lord of the Rings, King Kong, and a variety of other big budget blockbuster films must be a fan of video games. They sent Valve software a little present – and there’s an unboxing video below… That’s right – it’s a fully functioning (minus the bullets), full-scale, articulated Portal […]

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World of Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria

I don’t have the time to dedicate to World of Warcraft. I’m not sure if I would enjoy it or not. But if I was to play it … i’d be a panda! World of Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria is the latest update to World of Warcraft. It started out as an april fools – but to be honest, […]

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Tearaway – New Game From the Creators of Little Big Planet

Media Molecule – the developers behind the very popular game, Little Big Planet, announced their latest game on their blog yesterday. It’s called Tearaway and is going to be available exclusively on the Playstation Vita. The game has been designed to take advantage of the unique hardware on the Vita – and it does look like a game changing title […]

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Horn – iOS Game Trailer

Horn is an upcoming character action game from Phosphor Games, the creators of The Dark Meadow on iPad and iPhone. Apparently it’s being published by Zynga which is an interesting change of direction since it’s not a grind fest like their social games. Regardless of who is publishing it – it looks rather nice. In fact it reminds me of […]

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Offspring Fling Game Trailer

Offspring Fling – it’s from the ever prolific Kyle Pulver – but even better, it has a suitably cheesy retro trailer that I just had to share. The game doesn’t look half bad either. It’s a puzzle platformer where you have a series of ‘offspring’ who you can use as weapons and to trigger switches which in turn lets you […]