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Halo 3 beta next week… for Americans

Eurogamer are reporting that the long awaited Halo 3 beta is opening on Monday the 4th of December. I mentioned the first public screenshots for Halo 3 yesterday, and it looks like things are picking up speed pretty rapidly. There is even a conspiracy theory about the release date being March next year. I agree […]

Big Fish Game Holiday offer (free & discounted games)

Big Fish Games are offering a special offer for the holiday period. All games are getting a 25% discount, and some select games have received even larger reductions – up to 70% in some cases. To get your discount you have to go to the offer page and then enter the coupon code found on […]

Thumbnail : Halo 3 – new screenshots

Halo 3 – new screenshots

The first screenshots from the private betas of Halo 3 are slowly making their way around the internet. The game is looking rather good, but then looks have never been an issue for the Halo games. I must admit I wasn’t a fan of the first Halo game. Some bits of it are pretty good […]

The Bluffers Guide to Xbox Cult Classics

Eurogamer have put together a list of games that they consider Cult Classics for the Xbox. There are quite a few nice games in there. The ones I would consider most worthwhile are Beyond Good and Evil, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, Jet Set Radio Future, and Shenmue 2. Obviously there are loads of games for all […]

Thumbnail : Zelda – sigh – I want to play it

Zelda – sigh – I want to play it

Despite the Wii coming out in December in England I’m not going to get mine until the new year, so for now i will have to make do with all the Americans and their reviews for the games that have been released. The general consensus is that the games are fun, but they don’t look […]

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