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Titan Attacks

by Puppygames Titan Attacks serves up intense shooter attack with a retro nod in the graphical style. Download Now! The interview… First of all, great game! Obviously the game is inspired by a surreal mismash of Space Invaders, Galaga, etc., but can you describe how this idea came about? Random brainstorming or was this something you’ve wanted to do for […]


svero on Indies

svero of Twilight Games is an experienced developer so I felt it would be worthwhile to pick his brain a little about indies and portals and scene in general. I was going to ask him follow up questions to these initial two but he sent back so much information in each reply I think they stand on their own! Read […]


Tom Cain on Marketing

Marketing is one of the fundamental skills that I believe most indie developers lack. They put their blood, sweat and sacrifices into their titles and then let them die due to poor marketing efforts. I’ve been a long time believer in Seth Godin‘s marketing concepts and ideas and as luck would have it, I recently discovered an indie developer who […]


Rumble Box

by Joe Bourrie & Patrick Hackett Rumble Box is a great, innovative beat-em-up game done with tons of style. You can download it, for FREE, from the developers web site: Download Now! The interview… What was the origin of Rumble Box? Where does it draw it’s inspiration from? In other words, what the hell were you thinking?! It’s a tradition […]

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Indie Game Portal Subscriptions

Hi, today I’ll be writing about game portal subscriptions, specifically RealArcade’s GamePass (which I subscribe to.) However, before I get started, I thought I’d just quickly cover what Indie means and what game portals are: Indie Games Indie is short for “Independent”, and Indie games are made by small teams (from say 1 to 10 people) without the financial backing […]