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Top games of 2007: List-tastic!

I’ve been meaning to write this for about a month, so sorry it’s a bit late 😉 In December and January you always get people making Top 10 lists of their favourite games and I built up a collection of links to some of them as follows: Arcade Town ArcadeTown has made a Top 10 list for 2007 which includes […]

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Upcoming Video Games For The Kid In You

You know as technology advances forward – as consoles and high end gaming rigs become more expensive, we tend to forget it was kids that jump started the whole gaming era now replaced by teens and grown men. And because of that, games have taken on more adult oriented themes with each generation. My buddy who has two 9 year […]

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Wonderland Interview

The Wonderland series of games have been around for a good few years now and built up quite a following. Wonderland Adventures, the next addition to the series (and soon to be reviewed here on Binary Joy), was recently released so I thought I would throw a few questions over to Patrick, the series designer about the design and development […]

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Who are Casual Gamers?

In fact what is a casual game? Well wiki has a detailed answer, but basically it’s a simple game designed to appeal to wide audience. Typically casual games are not big budget and not action-based; they are normally puzzle/card-type games that you can load and play straight away with the mouse. Casual games don’t generally “punish” the player, they are […]