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New for 2012: the ADVENT DT2111 Desktop PC

The Death of the Desktop?

Over the last decade mobile computing has become increasingly popular. Laptops have gone from machines the same size and weight (and some would say functionality) as an average breeze-block into […]

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Mirrors Edge Preview

Judging by his previous posts, Ben will be somewhat jealous as I have just downloaded a playable demo of Mirrors Edge on the PS3. [Editors note: Yes I am jealous…] Even though the trailers and gameplay videos looked great I wanted to test the gameplay for myself, to see if it was as good as I imagined it could be, […]

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Controlling your eMotions

Family games live or die by their controls, and motion controls even more so. Why is it that games like Boom Blox are so instinctive and intuitive, when others like SSX Blur are so forced and laboured? For me it’s that one-to-one freeform movement that brings the magic and makes the games come to life. Video Games are often at […]

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Hand Held Heritage

When they want to, families have a surprisingly long memory. The strong response to a recent Family Gamer column made me realise that we all have a myriad of skeletons […]


Small Hands

As I’ve said many times in my Family Gamer column, when you have kids it is immediately apparent that they need their own games. Everything from the size of their […]

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Sierra event round-up

If my memory serves correctly Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot were both designed to give the Playstation a mascot that was associated with the console in the same way […]