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Thumbnail : Toreba – a Real World Virtual Controlled Claw Grabber

Toreba – a Real World Virtual Controlled Claw Grabber

Online Game publisher CyberStep’s crane game service, Toreba, went live yesterday! Toreba is a browser based claw game – much like you see at the video games arcades. It allows the gamer to operate a physical prize catcher machine remotely via their web browser. Players are able to operate the machine through simple button controls […]

Thumbnail : Nintendo Wii U Direct Presentation

Nintendo Wii U Direct Presentation

Yesterday Nintendo published a new presentation from president Satoru Iwata – all about the Wii U and some of the things we can expect in the next year or so. I think Nintendo were feeling the heat – the Wii U hasn’t performed as well as they would have liked and so they wanted to […]

Thumbnail : Microsoft Illumiroom

Microsoft Illumiroom

Oh my – this looks amazing. I am really intrigued to see how Microsoft Illumiroom works in reality. For me this has more potential than Kinect (although I couldn’t tell you why). Most impressed. I just hope it’s used well and is more than a very clever gimmick. I particularly like the demo where the […]

Thumbnail : Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y

There’s a new version of Pokemon coming to the 3DS. It’s been a while since I’ve played Pokemon properly and this looks like a good progression in the series from where I last left off. I especially like that the battles now happen in 3D – those 2d fights are just lame. From what I […]

Thumbnail : Link’s Triumph (Legend of Zelda)

Link’s Triumph (Legend of Zelda)

A fan made animation about the Legend of Zelda. I really like these things – they are a nice way to reminisce about one of the best game series of all time. According to the about blog post about the animation the animator, Phil, says the story is about this: So this short is about […]

Thumbnail : PlayStation Vita Review

PlayStation Vita Review

The PlayStation Vita is the latest handheld console to be produced by Sony. In today’s market the PlayStation Vita faces tough competition from Apple and Google devices. Smartphones are getting increasingly powerful, and having them on you all the time makes them the perfect option for gaming on the go. So how does something like […]

Thumbnail : Nitrome Touchy Launches on iOS & Android

Nitrome Touchy Launches on iOS & Android

Nitrome are a browser based game developer from London, England. They have made a name for themselves by creating distinctive pixel art styled browser based games with lots of quirky ideas. And they have recently released Touchy – an app for iOS and Android. Touchy is an app that lets you control the browser based […]

Thumbnail : What Games Should I Get for my New Nintendo Console?

What Games Should I Get for my New Nintendo Console?

There will be plenty of people getting a new Nintendo console for Christmas and wondering what to buy next. But whether you love puzzle games, platform adventure, action or sports there is an option for you on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL. You just need to ask yourself: ‘what kind of gamer […]

Thumbnail : Memories of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

Memories of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

It’s been a long long time since I played the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but I remember well using the guardhouse at the entry to the castle as a place to fill up on rupees when I got low!

Thumbnail : Karateka


Karateka is an old old game. In fact it was first released in 1984 on the Apple II. Now it’s undergoing a remake for the iPhone and iPad. The gaming landscape has changed a lot in the intervening years and so there have been a number of interesting game design challenges to overcome – thankfully […]

Thumbnail : Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

This reimagining of the Tomb Raider series looks right up street. I am more excited about this than any other adventure game currently. Really looking forward to seeing where Square Enix go with it. Stranded, assaulted by the elements and the inhabitants of a dangerous island, and cut off from the outside world–it’s been a […]

Thumbnail : The Cave – Adventure Game Trailer From Ron Gilbert

The Cave – Adventure Game Trailer From Ron Gilbert

Ron Gilbert, he of Monkey Island and Psychonauts fame, has published the first trailer for his upcoming adventure game – The Cave. He’s written about the game loads on his blog – Grumpy Gamer. The Cave is looking visually very nice – and it seems to have loads of personality, like all of his games. […]

Thumbnail : Puzzle Games for the Lateral Thinker this Christmas

Puzzle Games for the Lateral Thinker this Christmas

We all know someone who loves to get their grey matter working with the odd brain teaser, so if you’re shopping for them this Christmas – what kind of options are available? Well, Nintendo has a host of different puzzle games that may be of interest to those who want to spend the festive period […]

Thumbnail : Destiny by Bungie – First Details Released

Destiny by Bungie – First Details Released

So – it’s been a long time coming but Destiny is the name of the next game from Bungie – the developers behind the massively successful game HALO. Our story begins seven hundred years from now in the Last City on Earth, in a Solar System littered with the ruins of man’s Golden Age. A […]

Thumbnail : iPhone Game Giveaway – Part 1

iPhone Game Giveaway – Part 1

Recently I reviewed WordsWorth by 99Games. After the review the developers contacted me and asked if I would like to do a giveaway of some of their games. The thing is – I didn’t appreciate just how many games they had – and so I now have 31 coupons for iPhone games to giveaway! So, […]

Thumbnail : WordsWorth


WordsWorth is a word based puzzle game for Apple devices. First released on iOS in December 2008, WordsWorth has seen a series of updates and is now on version 4. In March 2011 it was released on iPad, and in September 2012 it was released on the Mac OS. WordsWorth features a variety of game […]

Thumbnail : Arc Squadron – AKA Starfox

Arc Squadron – AKA Starfox

Anyone else hanker after some Starfox 64 action? I can’t count the number of times I completed that game. I loved all the floaty robot bosses, the way they evolved and transformed. I loved the environments that changed. I loved the cast of characters. It was great. It wasn’t perfect, but it was really solidly […]

Thumbnail : HALO 4: Live Action Trailer

HALO 4: Live Action Trailer

I’ve played through the first couple of HALO games and whilst they were ok they never grabbed me as they seemed to with other people. I know there’s some much more hardcore fans of the series out there, however I saw a shortened version of this trailer on the tv the other day and it […]

Thumbnail : Element4l – Experimental Platformer with a Stupid Name

Element4l – Experimental Platformer with a Stupid Name

I can’t stand games that use numbers in their name. It’s a personal bug bear of mine. I’m sure the developers think it’s a great idea but it’s hard to type and it can’t be said. I assume in this case the games name should be pronounced ‘Elemental’ but I shall be calling it Elementfourl. […]

Thumbnail : Super Motherload

Super Motherload

I played quite a bit of the original Motherload flash game. It’s a surprisingly addictive game. You take control of a small digging vehicle, constantly mining – digging – upgrading – digging, getting deeper and deeper into the earths core. Finding more and more expensive ore to sell, and then spending the money you make […]

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